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It will mostly be about my weightloss, but I might write some other stuff here as well.

Happy reading, and thank you for following my journey! :-)

Back at it. Again…

Weightloss Posted on Mon, January 22, 2018 10:07:40


I didn’t make a new year’s resolution. I hardly ever keep them anyway, at least regarding weightloss. But I have promised my self to not waste food.

For several reasons I didn’t lose weight last year. Well, not a lot anyway. About two pounds. This year, so far, I’ve lost eleven pounds. It feels good, and I hope I can keep it up. Depends on the modd I guess, but I’m not happy in life right now, so…

Also trying to find a new job. I’ve worked at the same place for almost 15 years now.

We’ll see what happens.
Until next time.

I’m losing it…

Weightloss Posted on Tue, February 07, 2017 11:18:50

Well, that’s a title open for interpretation! 😉

For two reasons I’m losing it.
The better one is that I’ve lost some weight since December. About 6 kilograms to be precise. Feels nice! What I’ve done is that I’ve cut back on carbs a lot, but not completely. I have, however, stopped eating chips/crisps, candy and if I have a Pepsi it’s not very often. Yeah, I could’ve written soda, but I only drink Pepsi because I think it’s the best one.
But yeah, 6 kilos down, and counting.

The other way I’m losing it is because I had a visit from her again this weekend.
When she left I felt empty again, and it’ll hurt a bit for a couple of days until next time. You might wonder why I don’t tell her. My past has scarred me, so I’m afraid to scare her away completely if I tell her. That’s why. And who’d want a fat person?

I was gonna link a song here, but you’ll have to find it yourselves.
Jerry Lee Lewis – The hurtin part.
It’s available on Spotify at least.

Until next time! 🙂

I suck at this!

Weightloss Posted on Tue, February 09, 2016 15:11:19


So yeah, I suck at losing weight. Or, well, maybe I don’t suck at losing weight, but
I’m way better at gaining weight! Anyway, at work we’ve started up a competition again and the first three weeks I lost 5.5 kilos, or about 12 pounds, I guess. So I’m currently at about 143,5 kilos. This year I’m gonna try to reach my goal for real.

This last week I’ve celebrated mine and my sister’s birthday, so cakes were involved. Today we celebrate what is called “fettisdagen” here in Sweden. You might have heard of fat Tuesday. The day when we come together to celebrate all the fat people and pig out on “fettisdagsbullar” or “semlor”.

Just kidding, we don’t celebrate fat people, but we do pig out…

No more use of “celebrate” in this post. Well, except for that one…

I’m gonna post a vlog on my vlogging channel soon as well.

Till next time!

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On me way!

Weightloss Posted on Wed, March 11, 2015 09:11:21

Hello readers. 🙂
Thank you for coming here!

So I’ve been standing in the same spot with my weght like, the last year or so, but
now I’ve lost 10 kilograms in about two months. Mostly thanks to a competition at work.
We’re a group of eight people who are competing for a total of 1600 SEK.
There’ll possibly be two winners, cause we keep a protocol of most weight lost in per cent, and most per cent lost between weigh-ins. So it’s gonna be exciting!

No, I’m not in the lead, I’m in fifth place right now, I think.
But I’m planning on taking the lead for the remainder of the time.

What I’ve done to lose weight this time is that I have almost completely
skipped carbs in my diet. It works for me. I do get carbs from milk, and
some other food, so I haven’t thrown them away completely. The brain
needs it’s carbs! 😉

But I hardly ever eat pasta, potatoes or rice at the moment, nor any bread.
Step two is to now start to excersize. Walks, and weight lifting is probably
a good combo for me.

On another note, I’m gonna fire up my youtube channel again.
It’s been quiet there for too long. Thinking of a gaming series, and
I’ve got a couple of other ideas as well.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Weightloss Posted on Fri, July 11, 2014 08:40:29

Hi again.

So these last few days I’ve made quite the progress, I think.
I’ve lost 5 lbs in five days. I think that’s a good result. 🙂
Two days left… BBQ this evening at my sister’s place.
“Vegetables and meat for me, please”.

Five days, as I said. I understand why many overweight people, me included,
give up after a while. To lose weight IS hard work. I think you can
compare it to quit smoking, quit drinking or gambling, but with food instead.

The thing is, I love chocolate, and I like crisps/chips, fast food and
other less healthy things, like candy. The problem is beeing strong
enough to not give in to temptation. It’s the same thing as when
you try to quit other unhealthy habits.

I bet there are people out there that says; “I can easily avoid candy. How hard can it be?”

Good for you! 🙂 But I bet you have another thing that you can’t stop doing.
Maybe it’s gambling, maybe it’s excercise, maybe it’s sex, I don’t know.
Maybe you buy stuff to feel better? It only works for the moment, as with any addiction.

I’m not saying that I’m addicted to beeing fat, but it gives me an emotional
protection. Many people (not all) don’t like to date fat people, which gives
fat people the protection I just mentioned. We won’t get hurt if no one comes
close to us. But getting hurt is sadly a part of life, and we cannot escape it.

Now, I don’t want to get hurt, but I do want a family, and it’s a lot easier
if I’m not overweight. That’s what’s keeping me going now.
I’ve had some obstacles to overcome for the last eight months
or so, that have held me back. I even gained some weight during the time.
But now I’m back below 300 lbs, and it feels really good!

The most I weighed is about 330 lbs, but as I said, I’m back below 300, and I’ve
got about 70 lbs more to go.

If you’re in the same position as me, keep fighting! You will succeed! 🙂


Weightloss Posted on Wed, July 09, 2014 07:18:15

Ok, first of all: I am really sorry about not posting anything here in such a long time.
Haven’t come around to do it, partially because I haven’t made any progress regarding my weightloss, and partially for other reasons.

Anyway, this last week I have finally come around to use the bicycle I bought a couple of years ago. Yeah, I know, that was fast…
I’m up to about 35 kilometers in total, in this last week, and thats on three runs.

So far, I’ve lost about 2 kilos, or about 5 pounds, which is nice.

I think I should upload a photo with a before shot, and when it’s been a while, I’ll post another photo, and then another when I’m done.

What do you think? 🙂

Thank you for your patiance, and have a good day! 🙂


Weightloss Posted on Tue, March 11, 2014 07:45:37

So I get kind of annoyed with myself…
I go to this health coach, and when I leave, I feel really motivated.
Then, a couple of days later, it’s all gone! I don’t get it!


Is it because I think it’s not possible?
(because it is possible, I’ve done it before!)

Is it because I think I won’t be happy anyway?
Well, it’s not a guarantee to be happy when you’re thinner, but
for me I think I’d feel better.

Is it because I think that I can eat anything when I start to lose weight?
Not impossible. I’ve done this before as well…

Is it because I’m afraid to let other people close?
As i write this, this feels like the most right answer.
If I let someone get close to me, all walls are down, no
defenses left. They will know me, and all about me. I will show
that person everthing I am, and I won’t hold back on my feelings
for that person. If said person would leave, I’d be devastated.

So staying fat, will keep me safe, emotionally.
But is it worth it…?

Gym… yeah…

Weightloss Posted on Thu, January 30, 2014 07:58:06

So I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday…
I didn’t…

Partly becuase I woke up too late, got to work late,
worked late to compensate, and my nephew was ill,
and I needed to clean the litterbox and make some
food for today…

I know, I know… Excuses…
I do realize that I make ’em up.
My brother is right about that.

What I have been doing though, is cut back on carbs, and
increase my intake of proteins a little bit instead, and also
I eat more vegetables. So this week, even without workout
I’ve lost about half a kilo.

So for those of you who weigh a lot, and don’t feel
like going to the gym, start chaninging your eating habits.
It will be tough, especially if you often eat “junkfood” like
burgers, strips, chips, candy, pizza and so on…

Cut back on salt as well, because salt binds fluids.

It will take time, but let it do so.
The more you weigh, the faster you’ll drop pounds in the beginning.
After a while, you will hit a wall, but don’t give up!
If you’ve dropped weight only by changing your eating habits, try
to start walking ten minutes a day. Everyone has got ten minutes.
Every extra step is good if you’re overweight!

I know, I preach but I don’t practise, yet.
It takes a while to get motivated.
Set a goal for yourself. Wanna have a family?
Wanna be able to run a marathon? Wanna
play paintball? Wanna be able to show yourself at the beach?

Take babysteps, set up some goals along the way, that will
help to motivate you! 🙂

Also, (ranting) our brain likes carbs. Carbs are easy-to-pick-up-energy.
That’s why you will have trouble putting away candy and stuff in the beginning.

I will write down some more tips next time.

Till then, thank you for reading! 🙂

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