As I told you last time, she got flowers from me.
I think it’s safe to say she liked them, like, a lot!

On Friday (the last one, not the next) a friend held a party to celebrate her birthday.
I surprised her by showing up. I had told her that I was pretty sure I couldn’t. When I told her it was true, because I didn’t know at the time. Anyway, she was happy to see me, and thought it was a good birthday present.

When I left she gave me two hugs. One kinda normal hug, like between good friends I guess. Then I got a second one, maybe a bit longer, it was har to tell, but this time she really sqeezed to the point where I almost had trouble breething.

Does that mean something? Does it mean what I want it to? Am I missing something?
Or am I just hoping for something that will not be?

Guess I’ll have to talk to her, ’cause my mind is killing me.