Well, that’s a title open for interpretation! 😉

For two reasons I’m losing it.
The better one is that I’ve lost some weight since December. About 6 kilograms to be precise. Feels nice! What I’ve done is that I’ve cut back on carbs a lot, but not completely. I have, however, stopped eating chips/crisps, candy and if I have a Pepsi it’s not very often. Yeah, I could’ve written soda, but I only drink Pepsi because I think it’s the best one.
But yeah, 6 kilos down, and counting.

The other way I’m losing it is because I had a visit from her again this weekend.
When she left I felt empty again, and it’ll hurt a bit for a couple of days until next time. You might wonder why I don’t tell her. My past has scarred me, so I’m afraid to scare her away completely if I tell her. That’s why. And who’d want a fat person?

I was gonna link a song here, but you’ll have to find it yourselves.
Jerry Lee Lewis – The hurtin part.
It’s available on Spotify at least.

Until next time! 🙂