Hey everyone.

Haven’t written anything here in forever, but this blog is still alive.
I’m paying for this space, so… 😉

So a couple of weeks ago one of my cousins got married. The reception
was a cosplay party, kind of, so me and my nephew went as L and Light, from Death Note. If you haven’t watched that anime I strongly recommend that you do! It’s good!

The party was fun, and we stayed late as usual. Problem is that the day after I had
almost zero energy. It wasn’t that my body was tired, it was different. Two weeks
later I’m still not back to normal, and I didn’t even drink alcohol because I was
the designated driver. It’s like a need a reboot to get back on track again.

I have gained some weight this summer though, so that probably doesn’t help.
Have to get out again and excersize, and the afternoons and evenings during
the Swedish autumn are a bit chilly and the air is crisp, if it’s not raining.

I’m getting off the topic here, so I’m gonna end this with a picture of me and my nephew dressed as L and Light. 🙂