Hello readers. 🙂
Thank you for coming here!

So I’ve been standing in the same spot with my weght like, the last year or so, but
now I’ve lost 10 kilograms in about two months. Mostly thanks to a competition at work.
We’re a group of eight people who are competing for a total of 1600 SEK.
There’ll possibly be two winners, cause we keep a protocol of most weight lost in per cent, and most per cent lost between weigh-ins. So it’s gonna be exciting!

No, I’m not in the lead, I’m in fifth place right now, I think.
But I’m planning on taking the lead for the remainder of the time.

What I’ve done to lose weight this time is that I have almost completely
skipped carbs in my diet. It works for me. I do get carbs from milk, and
some other food, so I haven’t thrown them away completely. The brain
needs it’s carbs! 😉

But I hardly ever eat pasta, potatoes or rice at the moment, nor any bread.
Step two is to now start to excersize. Walks, and weight lifting is probably
a good combo for me.

On another note, I’m gonna fire up my youtube channel again.
It’s been quiet there for too long. Thinking of a gaming series, and
I’ve got a couple of other ideas as well.

Thanks for reading! 🙂