So I get kind of annoyed with myself…
I go to this health coach, and when I leave, I feel really motivated.
Then, a couple of days later, it’s all gone! I don’t get it!


Is it because I think it’s not possible?
(because it is possible, I’ve done it before!)

Is it because I think I won’t be happy anyway?
Well, it’s not a guarantee to be happy when you’re thinner, but
for me I think I’d feel better.

Is it because I think that I can eat anything when I start to lose weight?
Not impossible. I’ve done this before as well…

Is it because I’m afraid to let other people close?
As i write this, this feels like the most right answer.
If I let someone get close to me, all walls are down, no
defenses left. They will know me, and all about me. I will show
that person everthing I am, and I won’t hold back on my feelings
for that person. If said person would leave, I’d be devastated.

So staying fat, will keep me safe, emotionally.
But is it worth it…?