So I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday…
I didn’t…

Partly becuase I woke up too late, got to work late,
worked late to compensate, and my nephew was ill,
and I needed to clean the litterbox and make some
food for today…

I know, I know… Excuses…
I do realize that I make ’em up.
My brother is right about that.

What I have been doing though, is cut back on carbs, and
increase my intake of proteins a little bit instead, and also
I eat more vegetables. So this week, even without workout
I’ve lost about half a kilo.

So for those of you who weigh a lot, and don’t feel
like going to the gym, start chaninging your eating habits.
It will be tough, especially if you often eat “junkfood” like
burgers, strips, chips, candy, pizza and so on…

Cut back on salt as well, because salt binds fluids.

It will take time, but let it do so.
The more you weigh, the faster you’ll drop pounds in the beginning.
After a while, you will hit a wall, but don’t give up!
If you’ve dropped weight only by changing your eating habits, try
to start walking ten minutes a day. Everyone has got ten minutes.
Every extra step is good if you’re overweight!

I know, I preach but I don’t practise, yet.
It takes a while to get motivated.
Set a goal for yourself. Wanna have a family?
Wanna be able to run a marathon? Wanna
play paintball? Wanna be able to show yourself at the beach?

Take babysteps, set up some goals along the way, that will
help to motivate you! 🙂

Also, (ranting) our brain likes carbs. Carbs are easy-to-pick-up-energy.
That’s why you will have trouble putting away candy and stuff in the beginning.

I will write down some more tips next time.

Till then, thank you for reading! 🙂